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Daryl on Playing together
Great angle, tone and colour...

Daryl on Playing together
Great light, framing!

zahra on Playing together
beautiful frame.but I think shutter time is not good

kamagotchi on Australia's design
Great snapshot

Dimitrios on Playing together

Rasso on Paddyfield
Tak pernah lagi sampai sana.. ingin sangat nak gi Kedah :D

Daroru on Love
Really nice, unguarded capture!

Laurent on Dragonfly
Wonderful red dragofly... love that color and the picture.

badala on Dragonfly
This is stunning... congrats to you!

Addey Kehinde on Rainbow at Paddyfield
Nicely composed shot.

Azrul on Rainbow at Paddyfield

CaCTuS on Rainbow at Paddyfield
beautiful view but the boy 's gesture is not natural and nomal...

Anne-Marie Pilon on Rainbow at Paddyfield
Great Portrait. THe rainbow adds to it!

jennifer radio on Rainbow at Paddyfield
What a wonderful capture!!! :D

Suby on Rainbow at Paddyfield
Lovely capture, good use of ri]ule of third and the inclusion of the rainbow is lovely. Suby

Diego on Paddyfield
Take me there...

Sidonie on Cute
Oh, dear! The genital area is ALWAYS rubbed out in Qantas ads! You know, I think this is a (tree) wallaby rather than a ...

Mixa on Cute
Wow! I love Australia!

Sidonie on Le Tour De Langkawi
Too much light and from too great a distance - but we get the idea!

Sidonie on walking 1
Very clever blur/sharp combo - nice one.

Helen on walking 1
This is well done. I love the sense of movement all around her.

Daroru on walking 1
Nice action shot.

Jerry on Bathing
Grand capture azwan!

Sidonie on Bathing
Fantastic! I feel cool just looking at it - great capture!

badala on putrajaya mosque
I love the light. Amazing architecture.

Michael Zhang on putrajaya at night
The reflections in the water are perfect as well.

Dawn Sutherland on putrajaya at night
Love how it has a copper look to the shot, very warm.

azwan on putrajaya at night
putrajaya is one of the place located in malaysia...:D

Dimitrios on putrajaya at night
nice, but what is a putrajaya?

Michael Zhang on shilouett 2
Yet another great shot. This one seems more effective because it does not have that bright light the other one had.

jennifer radio on shilouett 2
Shilouetts are my favourite!

Rene on shilouett 2
Interesting image.

Francis on shilouett 2
great silhouette .love the mood of this shot

Larry on shilouett 2
I love this shot. very well done

badala on shilouett 2
Nice shilouett.

Michael Zhang on shilouett 1
Oh wow the "glow" around his makes this a special silhouette. Awesome photo.

Jerry on shilouett 1
Fine silhouette!

Craig on shilouett 1
Interesting silhouette!

Daroru on shilouett 1
Impressive! Looks like he's about to kneecap you. Slightly threatening... which makes for a good photo!

Kheoh Yee Wei on shilouett 1
Hai,Azwan,fellow Malaysian ! I am glad you join me in a-3,haha....You do have some great photos man ! Keep it up,Cheers ...

Abdul Hakim on eye on malaysia 4
wah.. creative angle and nice colour...

badala on eye on malaysia 3
Nice! Interesting framing !

Sidonie on eye on malaysia 3
Framing's great, so too the focus, light and color.

Still on eye on malaysia 3
Interesting framing!

Jerry on eye on malaysia 3
Smart framing perspective azwan! Great colors - very well done!

badala on eye on malaysia 1
VERY well done - looks like a post card! Fine work!

nahda on eye on malaysia 1
langit cantek..

juant3 on eye on malaysia 1
Welcome to Aminus3 azwan. Great shot of this Ferris Wheel! I do love taking shot of them too. It is really amazing the ...

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